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At some point or another, all of us have thought how great it would be to work from home. No boss breathing down your neck, coffee breaks whenever you want and being able to spend more time with the family are just some of the reasons that working from home is appealing pay per install affiliate. But where do you start? What do you do? If you’re in a well-paid job already, or even if you’re not, it seems a bit hasty to quit and start your own online business. And this is about the point where most people will stop thinking about it. “Yeah it would be nice but its just a pipe-dream”. Some of the most common blocks people seem to think they will encounter are: (see if you can relate to any of these!):

* “I haven’t got a product to sell”
* “I don’t know anything about the internet”
* “I don’t know anything about business”
* “I haven’t got the time to set up something like that”
* “It will be expensive to start an online business”

There are probably hundreds more! Add your own in if you like!

If you do have your own reasons why you can’t make money online or have your own online business, let me reassure you of the even bigger list of positives! I’ve already mentioned a few;

*Be your own boss
*Spend as much (or as little!) time with the family as you want
*Holidays and days out when you like
*Any money you make will be yours. (I think we’ve all been in a job where we feel we are working tirelessly to line someone else’s pockets!)
*Work at your own pace, at your own speed
*Learn entirely new skills for life and build a stable career (no risk of redundancy when you work for yourself!)

But the biggy, the number one reason that anybody does this (and they are probably telling porkies if they say differently!) is the unlimited earning potential.

The way to banish any of your on-the-fence reservations, to ease your mind about the difficulties of online business from home is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a concept where by business will pay you for every product they sell through you. They want to get their product to as many people as possible and they will use you to do it. It isn’t as harsh as it sounds, companies will reward you with up to 75% of the price in commission!

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

*No cash outlay
*Huge profit margins
*Very quick to set up
*No experience of business, marketing or internet necessary
*No website needed
*You are not ‘selling’ the product only ‘promoting’ it
*No storing, posting or manufacturing costs

And I know I’ve just said it, but Huge Profit Margins!

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