Don’t fear the big dog: You might think the driver is more than you can handle right now:

Lost your direction? Return to chipping: Learning golf can now and again be overpowering. At the point when you feel disappointed, return to hitting short chip shots.  The chipping swing is the premise of the whole swing; it’s the full swing in scaled down. What’s more, with the chipping movement being so short and moderate, you can all the more effectively comprehend what’s going on. To play a chip, position the ball back in your position, put more weight to your left side foot, and swing equivalent lengths back and through without pivoting your wrists on either side. When you figure out the chip, swing somewhat longer by pivoting the club upward with your wrists and letting your weight move back and through. Right away you’ll fabricate a vibe for the full swing. For additional, read Hank Haney’s tips on the chipping method.

⇒ Part 4: Playing On A Course

Section 4: When you’re prepared for the green

Section 4: When you’re prepared for the green

So since you are very brave and you’ve taken in the nuts and bolts of the golf swing, you’re contemplating trying yourself on a genuine green. Extraordinary, however it’s not as though you should step right onto a similar course the aces play. On the off chance that you need to ensure your initial encounters on the green are certain ones, it’s ideal to know your restrictions, at that point develop yourself. This is what to remember.- – Peter Finch, Senior Editor, Special Projects; and Matt Ginella, Senior Editor, Travel

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